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More than a URL shortener - We use the Handle System® to create persistent identifiers (PIDs)

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Share your data sets, dynamic queries, customized graphs

This is a free service provided by LINDAT/CLARIAH-CZ

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Provide the following metadata that will be used to identify your resource
in case the above URL is broken or no longer available.

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Who can use this service ?

This service is targeted towards the research community to provide a scheme for reliable citations of the data. Shortref.org is a simple solution to generate easily citable links to your dynamic research contents (results of queries, visualisation of data sets, interactive graphs, etc).

Its Persistent

Unlike other services, we just not generate a short URL but a persistent identifier. Automatically inherits all the features provided by the Handle System: reliable, scalable, flexible, trusted, open architecture and transparent.

If the target link is broken?

With the power of metadata, even if the target link is broken or no more available, a user can see the metadata. Just use the "noredirec" parameter in the URL and we will display the associated metadata.


Accessing shortref.org using the REST API endpoint provides flexiblity for other services to create shortref.org PIDs. The interaction can be hidden behind the graphical interface of the particular service.
REST API endpoint
url: The URL you want to shortened
title: A description of the resource
reportemail: Contact email to use in case of a broken link
subprefix: A short prefix to customise the generated handle
datasetName: Name of the dataset (if the link is pointing to a dataset)
datasetVersion: Version of the dataset, in case multiple versions are available.
query: If the link is a query assocaited with an online tool.


In case you have any further questions or if you need to change the metadata contact lindat-technical@ufal.mff.cuni.cz.